Course Fashion design

Our philosophy

Fashion is a significant social phenomenon that tells the story of our lives since ancient times and determines the sense of belonging of a group to a specific culture and philosophy of life, which through its style communicatesits identity.

Today, more than ever, fashion is a thriving sector that urgently requires trained and creative professionals.

One of them could be you, and we are here to help you realize your dream!

Our objectioves

We are developing “Designers” of fashion, or Designers who based on our Italian artisan handcraft tradition know how to create products in harmony with the vision and needs of the fashion industry.

We are educating the student to create not only beautiful but also functional and useful things, without neglecting the cultural component and symbolic values.

Areas for expanding your creativity in fashion are varied, to learn more, visit the section “Who do you want to become”.

Example of teaching subjects

The ISTITUTO ITALIANO DESIGN updates and optimizes the subjects of study each year to provide students with very high-quality preparation in design.

Theory and practice alternate in perfect balance to create synergies that can facilitate learning and train successful design experts.

Example of teaching subjects

  • History of Costume Design
  • Textile Merchandising
  • Semiotics
  • Visual Communication
  • Brand Identity Strategies
  • Figurine I
  • Modeling I
  • Shoes design
  • Construction of Mood and Storyboards
  • Graphic Applications in Textile Design
  • Social media marketing
  • Art History
  • Figurine II
  • Modeling II
  • Fashion Collection Design
  • Accessories Design
  • Textile Design Laboratory
  • Product management
  • Storytelling
  • Elements of Visual Merchandising 2
  • Collection Design Fashion Show
  • Cad Modeling III
  • Fashion Photography
  • Knitwear Design

Main operational areas

  • Activities within professional firms, corporate structures in the fashion sector (Clothing, Knitwear, Accessories, Jewelry and Sportswear).
  • Technical Assistant for Model Development;
  • Clothing and fashion technician;
  • Activity Concerning the Creation Office Assistant Style Area;
  • CAD Designer;
  • Textile Researcher and Researcher of Materials;
  • Technical Office Style;
  • Visual Merchandiser e Assistant Store Manager;
  • Activities related to the Communication and Technical Web Area for setting up trade fair stands; photography assistant;
  • Fashion blogger, Fashion Web Manager Curator, Fashion Editor, Fashion Content Manager;

The skills you will have

  • Sociology of Consumer Culture and Fashion;
  • Textile culture and its historical evolution;
  • Study of semiotics, aesthetics and anthropology;
  • Trends and consumer scenarios: basic elements of the design and creation of the fashion product;
  • Materials and construction techniques;
  • Techniques and tools for product representation;
  • Manual drawing;
  • Technical drawing;
  • Photography;
  • Creation of models and product prototypes;
  • Acquisition of economic-managerial skills: Organizational and Management Models, Business Strategy and Management;
  • Communication and sales strategies of the Fashion Product: Visual Merchandising;
  • Events, installations and showrooms, magazines, Corporate Identity.
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