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UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 - REPORT No. 10597-A. Design and provision of higher and continuing education services. The Institute of Italian Design (IID) of Perugia is an accredited University of design at the national level for Post-Diploma and Post Graduate training. All courses are recognized by law 845/78 and are valid in the European Union.


Interior Design

The course of Interior Design, aimed at training professionals in the planning and design of private and public spaces, commercial, residential and entertainment, with a focus on exhibit space.


Industrial Design

The course of Industrial Design for the training of the designer of industrial objects, designers are able to contemplate the functional, physical, technical, aesthetic and formal communicative characteristics leading to the qualitative aspects of an industrial object in relation to its use as well as the technological and production possibilities.


Communication Design

The Communication Design course offers comprehensive training for future visual communicators, forming creative and competent professionals able to effectively manage the signs and their meanings, the main marketing strategies for the production and circulation of the message and the development paths offered by media technologies.


Fashion Design

The course in Fashion Design is directed to the training of new professional startups to the world of fashion, providing the tools for a "conscious management" of creativity, design of mechanisms, implementation and communication of fashion apparel or accessory.

IID: Design your future

The Institute of Italian Design of Perugia promotes pathways that help future professionals to change, to shed their skin, to deal with diversity. The way in which we promote this innovation is by orienting our teaching towards the intersection: we constantly work on hybrid projects, and bridging projects between different fields.

Our reality

The Institute of Italian Design of Perugia was established in 1999, in very difficult times, when design began to emerge as a new frontier in the collective consciousness. The Institute of Italian Design was among the first in Umbria to build a project of culture around the idea of ​​design.

Studio Lab Workshops

Studio and lab work is a place to experience – a place in which to consolidate and validate what has been learned - the ground for experimentation and innovation.


To innovate and develop are two sides of the same coin, especially if this coin is design, a design is not only "a design project" but also an instrument of designation, of giving a name to things, to reality, to give an identity to the world we live in.

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