Fabrizio Bonfiglio Graphic & Web Designer

When I first saw the poster designed by Albe Steiner in 1956 for the Vienna Peace Committee, I understood what I wanted to be when I grew up.

After attending a small graphics studio of a close friend in the province of Messina for a year, I arrived at the Italian Design Institute with a suitcase full of a great desire to learn.

At the Italian Design Institute, I lived through essential years of significant educational growth, strong human relationships, and great Design enthusiasm.

Being 20 years old and being able to build your own future in a design school is a great privilege, especially when you meet teachers who leave their mark of creative sensibility.

So it was for me. I still try, after so many years, to bring some of that passion and desire to “tell something” into my daily work.

After a brief work experience in Perugia, I moved to Bologna, keeping a door always open to returning to my Sicily.

Here I started as Junior Graphic Designer to become Art Director on projects for Barilla, Zanichelli Editore, Ducati Corse, Librerie Feltrinelli, Caffe Segafredo, Teatro Comunale of Bologna, and Meliconi.

It is a beautiful craft that must always be fueled by the desire to get involved in front of each blank sheet.

To the new students I say: Design the impossible!

Marco Bacchi Graphic & Web Designer

Upper Tuscia is a land full of opportunities.

Surely it would be the launching pad for a new business.

First my training was essential, and I decided that the IID would be the right school for me. In just two years I acquired the design knowledge that developed and transformed me 360°.

After a brief period as an employee, I took over the company as an owner. To date, after 11 years, Mammouth Graphic Studio is a reference point in the field of graphics and digital printing.

Continuous evolution brings me today to be proud of my first choice.

Gaia Marinelli Interior Designer

I was born in Puglia, in the city of two seas, from there I left to pursue my course of studies at the Istituto Italiano Design, where I obtained a professional qualification in Interior Design.

I have returned home full of enthusiasm and desire to learn.

After a few years working as an interior designer in furniture manufacturing companies, I was motivated by passion and determined by the need to bring out my creativity and create my own identity.

I decided to start my own business and created progettAREA, my interior design studio with a showroom.

This choice has repaid me enormously for 4 years!

Marco Trabalza Graphic &Web Designer

Marco Trabalza – Graphic & Web Designer – Class 1993.
After obtaining my high school diploma in electronics and telecommunications, I decided to leave behind the rigid mathematical schemes of high school and look for what could best express my creative imagination.

I enrolled in the Istituto Italiano Design, and I attended the courses of Graphic & Web Design.

The subjects, taught with professionalism and passion, together with my subsequently very attentive and serious studies, forged the right inspiration to see my ideas realized finally.

Above all, my experience opened my horizons to photography, which has always been my passion.

Now I work as a graphic designer and designer of illuminated signs in a well-known company in the sector in Umbria.

Adrian Iorga Industrial Designer

I had a great attraction to cars since I was a child!

They were like creatures that I saw as great masterpieces; they influenced me, excited me, and stimulated me.

Fascinated by this mysterious world, I began to express myself in my very first sketches at the age of five.

In 2001, I looked for ways to improve the artistic skills I had developed over the years. I moved to Italy and attended the Istituto d’Arte in Perugia. In 2007, I attended the Istituto Italiano Design, which allowed me to bring my artistic skills to a qualitatively competitive level in the professional work world.

After this exhilarating experience, my mind opened 360 ° to Design, and I began to work in various fields: Car & Transportation, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Graphics.

I currently hold the role of designer for an important Umbrian company.

Gianmarco Brunacci Industrial Designer

Born in Assisi in 1986, he decided to combine his artistic and creative skills with a

passion for Design, taking the path of Industrial Design.

He arrived at the Istituto Italiano Design in Perugia and finished his studies in 2008. He worked for four years as a designer for a well-known local company.

Then, after winning the first prize in the international competition “ARTZEPT-EATING IN STYLE” – “Fish and Seafood Cutlery and Serving Plate – 2013,” he started a long collaboration with Archirivolto, the well-known studio of Industrial Design, Design and Architecture, founded in 1983 by the architects Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli.

Adriana Sgaramella Industrial Designer

Born in Bari in 1993, with a strong passion for artistic disciplines, she began her studies at the Artistic High School of Bari, attending at the same time the architecture and design studio of Donato Leonetti, from whose experience she acquired a wide range of technical and human knowledge.

She continued her studies at the Istituto Italiano Design where she graduated in July 2014 presenting, in collaboration with the BioService Italia Group company, an experimental thesis in “Modular Design of Equipment and Furniture For Wellness
Centers”, which she presented at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna in 2015.

After completing her studies, she began a collaboration as a technician at the Pampanoni studio based in Umbria.

The company specializes in the design of offices and design accessories.

Once this experience is complete, she will return to work and live, by choice, to her homeland, challenging what for many would be an “impossible mission.”

Francesca Loreto Fashion Designer

Having graduated from the Istituto Italiano Design in 2015, she distinguished herself in quality, creativity and professionalism demonstrated in every field of fashion clothing: from stylistic figure to computer technical drawing, from patternmaking to the final realization of the garment. Design and tailoring are in her DNA.

During the summer of 2014, she taught international students about the construction of the Mood boards, the Study of the Figure, Shoe Design, and Accessories Design.

She has also distinguished herself in the Moulage technique by draping on mannequin models for construction of high fashion.

Francesca also participated in a competition for a company (FARA SRL) that produces embroidery for Haute Couture (Valentino, Armani, BluMarine), ranking among the top three finalists.

She has collaborated with a large recycling company for the reuse of waste material in small leather goods and fashion accessories.

She currently works in Kuwait for a private design institute as a teacher of fashion design.

This opportunity has pushed her to continue her research as well as discover other languages and experience the unknown.

She also attends an Arabic language course to improve her knowledge of the culture.

“I like to push myself further and further past the borders. I like to travel and immerse myself deeply and completely in a new culture to capture and study as much as possible.

However, I am always very attached to my Italian roots, whose artisanal approach cannot be easily replicated or transferred.

It is a true immaterial value. Sometimes the place where you live is an opportunity, a gift that you can use every day for your growth.”

Gabriele Santocchi Interior Designer

I am a former student of the Istituto Italiano Design. I deal with both the design of civic dwellings and public institutions.

Since 2016 I have designed for the Hospital and RSA area on behalf of an important Umbrian company that produces global health supplies.

In addition to designing spaces, I deal with brands, coordinated images, and communication for different commercial entities.

My creations vary from the making of objects to the containers in which they are displayed and even developing the campaign for advertising them.

Laura Spallaccia Digital Manager

After obtaining a scientific high school diploma, I discovered the Istituto Italiano Design, due to my great passion for photography.

By attending this school, my passion has been intensified by the knowledge of the world of design in all its forms and the discovery of the beauty of being a designer and creative.

Today I am Digital Manager for Methodos Consulting, and I take care of the aspects of graphics and communication on the web and in Social Networks.

At the same time, I work on the Terradombra project and other small graphic and photographic projects.

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