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Student Services


Our goal is to develop this philosophy with our students.
By making life better and more beautiful to live because
surely the quality of the experience improves the
learning environment and offers the student a more
pleasant lifestyle, while far from the family.
Our Initiatives:

Convenzioni Studenti


Our students have the opportunity to take advantage of deals with different local entities: gyms, swimming pools, clubs, clothing stores, pizzerias, stationery stores, and jewelers.

Affitti agli studenti


We have an agreement with an agency that deals with rentals, especially in the Historic Center that we have chosen because the proximity to the Istituto Italiano Design allows students to optimize their time by facilitating them logistically, making their experience similar to a university campus.

Radio Design

Radio Design

We created this as an instrument to allow students to confront themselves with an audience that listens to them. The aim is to resolve the fear of speaking in public and to be able to formulate articulated concepts immediately.