Istituto Italiano Design: The School

"SE NON SEI CURIOSO, LASCIA PERDERE" diceva Achille Castiglioni: abituiamoci all’idea che il design è fatto di persone e oggetti, di luoghi e intangibilità, di anima e carne, di emozioni e ....curiosità

The Istituto Italiano Design of Perugia for nearly 18 years is among the leading university-level institutes for training in the areas of: industrial design, fashion, interior architecture and visual communication. Looking closely at research, technology and product innovation, the Institute of Italian Design offers a highly qualified proposal of study.

Favoring an interdisciplinary approach, the Institute of Italian Design combines theory and practice, cultural and technical aspects unifying the theoretical lectures with exercises in studio workshops and laboratories.

The aim of the courses is the transmission of a design method that can meet both the needs of the customer and the market, stimulating the cultural and critical training needed to interpret the taste of the time and anticipate trends.

The teachers are experienced professionals, prepared with cultural and educational credentials as well as having the added value of practical experience in the workplace, therefore guaranteeing a constantly current and updated training and creating a connection point with the companies and the world of work.

The connection between different professional experiences and expertise, the deep relationship with the culture of the project and direct contact with the world of business and enterprises are the elements that allow the Institute of Italian Design of Perugia to offer a comprehensive education and training in line with the needs of today.