Industrial Design Course

Italian design is experimentation and dialogue with external cultures, including the industry, which has provided products of great expressive ability, such as to impose its charm on any international market.

Corso Industrial Design Perugia

Industrial design

Design is a learning process where a fundamental role is definitely the willingness to listen, the curiosity to experiment, and an attitude of deep reflection. For IID it is a “Project of Culture” around the idea of ​​design. The designer, in addition to creativity and research, should not miss these fundamental qualities, because the design is at the service of the Company and its changing needs.

Course duration: 3 years Hours: 350 each academic year

The course is valid within the European Union.

Design is a discipline in the technical part, partly scientific, but also sociological and humanistic, that through the wise use of materials acts as a link between production and the market. Design therefore implies the awareness of the present and imagining the future.


Design is the key to the company’s evolution. Identify and develop design solutions that facilitate and strengthen the capacity for action of man in relation to his reality and to the contexts in which he lives, make the company a competitive company in the market.

  • The historical-critical concepts related to design culture and the evolution of the products;
  • The ability to design taking into account the social and cultural variables in the contexts in which they are input into the designed products;
  • Semiotic skills, aesthetic and sociological, and the use of tools and techniques related to the morphological representation, material and product function: the manual design to technical drawing and digital representation, from photography to three-dimensional production of study models and prototypes of the product;
  • Scientific and technological skills related to materials and their chemical and physical characteristics, performance, structural and functional;
  • skills related to processing technologies, industrial processes, the production constraints; the aspects of the economic culture in relation to the business environments and markets, together with the analysis of economic feasibility of the products and the elements that define the kind of coherence in driven innovation processes.
Main operating areas
Production technique for the design of industrial products
Technical assistance for physical and virtual product development
Techniques of the technical designer draftsman in design
Designer 2D CAD Designer - 3D CAD
Assistance in the search for materials and technical components
Designer in the development of conceptual solutions
The project executive Designer
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