Former Students

Giacomo Fodaroni Interior Designer

Giacomo Fodaroni, born on 10 March 1992 in Città di Castello in the province of Perugia, is an Interior Designer.

His father, a well-known craftsman in the area, transmitted his passion for creating to Giacomo as a child.

Giacomo studied at the technical high school Istituto Ippolito Salviani then continued to follow his passion at the Istituto Italiano Design specializing in Interior Design.

After completing his studies, and then an internship, he started working for a well-known and established company in his city where he continues to hold the
role of designer for retail spaces and point of sales, also dealing with the packaging of objects and POP structures of each material.

Giulia Ceccherini Fashion Designer

After graduating from the Fashion Design course in 2012, I started working for Intimissimi in November 2013.

I immediately found it interesting to interface both with the company and with customers, discovering every day that contact with the public is fundamental to understanding the progress of a brand and how much each collection meets the tastes of the public.

The essential aspects that contributed to my training were the following: attention to detail in the display of the product, its narration so that the customer could appreciate it in the limited time of a fleeting purchase, and the new collection presented every year at the international event of “Intimissimi on Ice”.

Over the years with Intimissimi I have been appreciated for my skills and my professionalism, without forgetting customer care: these qualities have allowed me to be known as a trusted person for giving new life to a significant brand like
Falconeri, unfortunately little enhanced in the Arezzo area.

Here I was able to train myself in the knowledge of yarns and machinery used for finishing the product:this has certainly expanded my skills and consolidated my role at the point of sales.

Simultaneously with my career path, I embarked on the adventure of Les Magdalenes, designing a brand of bags, backpacks, and wallets all on my
own: from design to the choice of leather, to the finishing of the product and retail sales throughout Europe.

Being an up and coming brand, I also needed to take care of the narration on Social Media: this passage has allowed me to tell of the creation of my
products and their use in the capitals of the old continent.

Oxana Dudina Interior Designer

I am Oxana Dudina and I come from Siberia. I attended the Triennial Interior Design course at the Istituto Italiano Design in Perugia.

I graduated in July 2017 with a thesis on commercial design, with a transversal design approach.

After graduating, I returned to my city in Novosibirsk. In the following six months, I received various job offers from different cities in Russia.
I have recently accepted a job offer started working for The Prime in Moscow.

I represent two great Italian furniture brands and collaborate with architects and designers throughout Russia.

Matteo Stucchi Industrial Designer

Matteo Stucchi, born in 1992, graduated in Industrial Design, and started on the road of self-production, creating a collection of ceramic vases.

His Design is recognized by its unmistakable sign of balance between rigor and imagination: beauty and comfort are the keywords at the foundation of his
work, based on a new concept of living.

The real mission of his work is to arrive at authenticity, both by creating products with an individual character and by seeking a new way of
doing the industry.

His projects offer a sweet and generous presence.
They are organic and geometric shapes, characterized by a cheerful and colorful spirit.
From the design point of view, he feels very close to a futuristic and emotional approach, in which the method of analysis of the maestro Bruno Munari is

Maximum characterization of the analysis for shapes and colors reflect the objective of his product.

Marco Autilio Industrial Designer

Marco Autilio, born in Sapri (SA) in 1988, grew up in Latronico (PZ), a small village in the Lucano hinterland, in the heart of the Pollino park.

The singularity of each place and the particularity of the environment that surrounded it, provided him with all the necessary stimuli to develop a keen
interest in Design.

In his family, he learned the basic techniques of masonry, cabinet-making, and the sartorial arts and therefore learned early to relate to the materials, the textures and the transformations preserved and handed down by the wisdom of the ancient crafts.

His innate passion for drawing, accompanied by a strong interest in videogames, constituted the backbone for a current familiarity with three- dimensional graphic communication as well as being open to contemporary languages ​​of visual arts and
related frontiers: the music of avant-garde and experimental research (from minimalists to techno-jazz through rock), video art and contemporary cinema.

In 2007 he attended the drawing course “Creative Moments” by the masters Cosimo Budetta and Giuseppe Antonello Leone.
In that same year, he enrolled at the Istituto Italiano Design in Perugia, where he acquired the theoriesand fundamental techniques for his professional
He also participated in numerous competitions, as well as carrying out a series of internships in various architects’ studios, while continuing to work even in
small jobs of different nature in order to maintain his studies.

A turning point came with his participation in the Design competition for the 50th Anniversary of the Ellesse company, where, having placed first, Marco
obtained a critical internship at the company following his victory.

That is how, in 2010, Marco Autilio moved to London, where he continues to live today.
In London, he embraces the field of 3D printing, working at Myminifactory, and takes advantage of the use of 3D printers, as well as dealing with Industrial Design and Model Making for rapid prototyping.

As Product Designer, he collaborates with the company Scales & Models, specialized in the production of objects on private commission.

In December 2015, the “Lucciola chair” project was awarded an honorary mention in the eVolo VMODERN Furniture Design competition.

Today, Marco Autilio, as a Freelance Designer, has collaborated with international brands such as Google, Nike, Zaha Hadid, and Keith Albarn.

Laura Spallaccia Digital Manager

After obtaining a scientific high school diploma, I discovered the Istituto Italiano Design, due to my great passion for photography.

By attending this school, my passion has been intensified by the knowledge of the world of design in all its forms and the discovery of the beauty of being a designer and creative.

Today I am Digital Manager for Methodos Consulting, and I take care of the aspects of graphics and communication on the web and in Social Networks.

At the same time, I work on the Terradombra project and other small graphic and photographic projects.

Gabriele Santocchi Interior Designer

I am a former student of the Istituto Italiano Design. I deal with both the design of civic dwellings and public institutions.

Since 2016 I have designed for the Hospital and RSA area on behalf of an important Umbrian company that produces global health supplies.

In addition to designing spaces, I deal with brands, coordinated images, and communication for different commercial entities.

My creations vary from the making of objects to the containers in which they are displayed and even developing the campaign for advertising them.

Francesca Loreto Fashion Designer

Having graduated from the Istituto Italiano Design in 2015, she distinguished herself in quality, creativity and professionalism demonstrated in every field of fashion clothing: from stylistic figure to computer technical drawing, from patternmaking to the final realization of the garment. Design and tailoring are in her DNA.

During the summer of 2014, she taught international students about the construction of the Mood boards, the Study of the Figure, Shoe Design, and Accessories Design.

She has also distinguished herself in the Moulage technique by draping on mannequin models for construction of high fashion.

Francesca also participated in a competition for a company (FARA SRL) that produces embroidery for Haute Couture (Valentino, Armani, BluMarine), ranking among the top three finalists.

She has collaborated with a large recycling company for the reuse of waste material in small leather goods and fashion accessories.

She currently works in Kuwait for a private design institute as a teacher of fashion design.

This opportunity has pushed her to continue her research as well as discover other languages and experience the unknown.

She also attends an Arabic language course to improve her knowledge of the culture.

“I like to push myself further and further past the borders. I like to travel and immerse myself deeply and completely in a new culture to capture and study as much as possible.

However, I am always very attached to my Italian roots, whose artisanal approach cannot be easily replicated or transferred.

It is a true immaterial value. Sometimes the place where you live is an opportunity, a gift that you can use every day for your growth.”

Adriana Sgaramella Industrial Designer

Born in Bari in 1993, with a strong passion for artistic disciplines, she began her studies at the Artistic High School of Bari, attending at the same time the architecture and design studio of Donato Leonetti, from whose experience she acquired a wide range of technical and human knowledge.

She continued her studies at the Istituto Italiano Design where she graduated in July 2014 presenting, in collaboration with the BioService Italia Group company, an experimental thesis in “Modular Design of Equipment and Furniture For Wellness
Centers”, which she presented at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna in 2015.

After completing her studies, she began a collaboration as a technician at the Pampanoni studio based in Umbria.

The company specializes in the design of offices and design accessories.

Once this experience is complete, she will return to work and live, by choice, to her homeland, challenging what for many would be an “impossible mission.”

Gianmarco Brunacci Industrial Designer

Born in Assisi in 1986, he decided to combine his artistic and creative skills with a

passion for Design, taking the path of Industrial Design.

He arrived at the Istituto Italiano Design in Perugia and finished his studies in 2008. He worked for four years as a designer for a well-known local company.

Then, after winning the first prize in the international competition “ARTZEPT-EATING IN STYLE” – “Fish and Seafood Cutlery and Serving Plate – 2013,” he started a long collaboration with Archirivolto, the well-known studio of Industrial Design, Design and Architecture, founded in 1983 by the architects Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli.

Adrian Iorga Industrial Designer

I had a great attraction to cars since I was a child!

They were like creatures that I saw as great masterpieces; they influenced me, excited me, and stimulated me.

Fascinated by this mysterious world, I began to express myself in my very first sketches at the age of five.

In 2001, I looked for ways to improve the artistic skills I had developed over the years. I moved to Italy and attended the Istituto d’Arte in Perugia. In 2007, I attended the Istituto Italiano Design, which allowed me to bring my artistic skills to a qualitatively competitive level in the professional work world.

After this exhilarating experience, my mind opened 360 ° to Design, and I began to work in various fields: Car & Transportation, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Graphics.

I currently hold the role of designer for an important Umbrian company.

Marco Trabalza Graphic &Web Designer

Marco Trabalza – Graphic & Web Designer – Class 1993.
After obtaining my high school diploma in electronics and telecommunications, I decided to leave behind the rigid mathematical schemes of high school and look for what could best express my creative imagination.

I enrolled in the Istituto Italiano Design, and I attended the courses of Graphic & Web Design.

The subjects, taught with professionalism and passion, together with my subsequently very attentive and serious studies, forged the right inspiration to see my ideas realized finally.

Above all, my experience opened my horizons to photography, which has always been my passion.

Now I work as a graphic designer and designer of illuminated signs in a well-known company in the sector in Umbria.

Gaia Marinelli Interior Designer

I was born in Puglia, in the city of two seas, from there I left to pursue my course of studies at the Istituto Italiano Design, where I obtained a professional qualification in Interior Design.

I have returned home full of enthusiasm and desire to learn.

After a few years working as an interior designer in furniture manufacturing companies, I was motivated by passion and determined by the need to bring out my creativity and create my own identity.

I decided to start my own business and created progettAREA, my interior design studio with a showroom.

This choice has repaid me enormously for 4 years!

Marco Bacchi Graphic & Web Designer

Upper Tuscia is a land full of opportunities.

Surely it would be the launching pad for a new business.

First my training was essential, and I decided that the IID would be the right school for me. In just two years I acquired the design knowledge that developed and transformed me 360°.

After a brief period as an employee, I took over the company as an owner. To date, after 11 years, Mammouth Graphic Studio is a reference point in the field of graphics and digital printing.

Continuous evolution brings me today to be proud of my first choice.

Fabrizio Bonfiglio Graphic & Web Designer

When I first saw the poster designed by Albe Steiner in 1956 for the Vienna Peace Committee, I understood what I wanted to be when I grew up.

After attending a small graphics studio of a close friend in the province of Messina for a year, I arrived at the Italian Design Institute with a suitcase full of a great desire to learn.

At the Italian Design Institute, I lived through essential years of significant educational growth, strong human relationships, and great Design enthusiasm.

Being 20 years old and being able to build your own future in a design school is a great privilege, especially when you meet teachers who leave their mark of creative sensibility.

So it was for me. I still try, after so many years, to bring some of that passion and desire to “tell something” into my daily work.

After a brief work experience in Perugia, I moved to Bologna, keeping a door always open to returning to my Sicily.

Here I started as Junior Graphic Designer to become Art Director on projects for Barilla, Zanichelli Editore, Ducati Corse, Librerie Feltrinelli, Caffe Segafredo, Teatro Comunale of Bologna, and Meliconi.

It is a beautiful craft that must always be fueled by the desire to get involved in front of each blank sheet.

To the new students I say: Design the impossible!

Enrico Giuseppe DeCandia Industrial Designer

Enrico Giuseppe DeCandia graduated from the Istituto Italiano Design in 2008 in Industrial Design.

After completing his studies, he started with an internship at the Ital Proget, now he is part of the Technical Office, also covering the role of Sales Manager for the Italy office.

The company deals with the design and construction of furnishings for bars, pastry shops and ice cream parlors.

Elena Poggianti Interior Designer

I am a 26-year-old interior designer.

While I was completing my training at the Italian Institute of Design in Perugia, I started working as an intern at Ital Proget, a company that deals with customized furniture in the Food & Beverage sector, where I then continued to work full time.

Currently, I deal with the complete design of local establishments, starting from the organization of the space and services, from aesthetic design and rendering, up to the realization of the executive project.

Stefano Santini Interior Designer

I am a former student of the Istituto Italiano Design, and I graduated with top marks in 2012.

I design both residential and commercial buildings and offices.

Since 2013, I have been working on my own, and since 2018, I am also the owner of a shop selling objects and furnishing accessories.

In addition to designing spaces, I like creating a complete product from every point of view: from the communication and coordinated image to the choice of every single object within the container I create.

Roberta Libertella Interior Designer

I am an energetic person with a vivid imagination.

I always thought I was a creative person but didn’t have the skills to translate and transfer my ideas onto paper.

The Istituto Italiano Design helped me to have a new perspective and vision in Design.

After only one year, I started to see things in a different light, and I became more aware and attentive to detail.

I realized how important it is to deal with space and how space can influence emotions, for example, a house can be the mirror of the people who live there. During my period at IID, I had the opportunity to undertake an internship in an architectural firm for five months.

I graduated in 2016 and had a job opportunity in Kuwait as an Interior Design Instructor.

After my experience, I returned to Italy, where I joined a graphics studio.

Here I came into contact with a new part of Design, and I realized I had a strong passion for visual arts.

I am now expanding my skills in Interior Design and Graphics.

I do not think I will ever stop learning – every experience is a chance to broaden my perspective and satisfy my endless curiosity.

Francesco Capuano Grafica e Illustrazione

Francesco Capuano, after a degree at the University of Agriculture and a path in the world of winemaking, decided to listen to his passion for art and began the course of Communication Design at the Istituto Italiano Design, graduating in 2015.

After completing his studies, he began collaborating with various companies, including the Lungarotti Winery.

In 2018 he founded Studio Be_Bop and began working as a graphic designer, illustrator and Social Media Manager for Castello di Reschio, a real estate company in Umbria specialized in luxury that transforms its properties into architectural and design masterpieces.

Jessica Ghisi Interior Designer

Umbra DOC (originally from Umbria) and determined since childhood, with a great passion for Interior Design, I set aside for a few years doing something that did not fit me.

At 24 years old, tired of office work, I decided to revolutionize my life. I left the long awaited permanent contract and went back to study, to realize that dream that had remained in the drawer for too long.

In 2010, I obtained the Interior Architecture Designer Diploma at the IID in Perugia.

From the beginning, I started essential collaborations with professionals and companies in the sector, on projects destined for both the national territory and abroad (Showroom furnishing in Libya, collaboration with Studio Tablino for the design of Holiday Homes in China of about 1600 square meters).

My interest, however, went beyond residential design, so I decided to deepen and also specialize in commercial design by attending the Advanced Training Course in Design for Innovation in Food Retail at the Polytechnic of Milan.

Here my franchise project for a yogurt shop was chosen as the best and implemented by MEC3 at SIGEP 2011, one of the largest International Food Fairs.

Enriched with so much experience around Italy, in 2014 I decided to settle in my Umbria, where the knowledge of the territory, of the artisans and of the companies I worked with, allowed me to express myself better in my profession.

Since then, every day I do my job as my “mission” because the designer is not only the one who will help you to furnish your home or your shop withgood taste, but it will be the one who will be able to fill the spaces with warmth and harmony and above all to materialize emotions.

Alessandro Burelli Graphic Designer

Alessandro Burelli is an Umbrian graphic designer born in 1991.

In 2011 he graduated in the Graphic Design course of the Istituto Italiano Design. He began various work experiences with both private and local public entities and then became a freelancer in 2017.

In these years he never ceased to be curious about the subject and in addition to attending graphic and illustration festivals, he began to follow workshops on screen printing, lettering, publishing and illustration with high-level professionals.

In Foligno, his time is mainly involved in collaborations with Paraccucchi Armas (graphics studio with twenty years' experience), Associazione Culturale Dancity (organizer of an electronic music festival of international caliber) and Serendipity Club (one of the best clubs nationwide).

Gian Raffaele Ciannavei Industrial Designer

Gian Raffaele Ciannavei, born in 1982, demonstrated his graphic-compositional skills from the earliest years, devoting himself entirely to drawing, studying representation techniques, and investigating the world of graphics.

His first choice of training was, therefore, a technical one.

He started at the school for surveyors that introduced him to the world of construction and the design of construction site management, making him immediately understand that a good project is not only a beautiful project but also must have utility and stability.

With Industrial Design, he rediscovered all his technical experience and training was a good foundation that finally led him to a more profound knowledge of himself.

This discovery helped him see that, in addition totechnical preparation, he was a dreamer who wanted to transform the idea of what many believe is impossible to bring into reality.

Due to his determination and the ultimate decisiveness that characterizes his soul, each of his creative commitments allow him to achieve his projects.

It is, therefore, possible to define G.R. Ciannavei as a professional who always looks to the future, who values ​​first and foremost the emotional part of the project without neglecting the functionality and solidity, and who is going to upset the current standards of the day.

His accomplishments: First prize at the “CopyWorld Canon 2015” contest with the “MANHATTAN” project: a set of vases that reinterpret the typical shape of an object, giving it a new meaning and a new identity.

Third prize at the 20th edition of TARGA RODOLFO BONETTO 2015 with the project “LIVING PLUS” seating system, the project effectively emphasizes the new hierarchies between primary function (I sit) and a secondary function (how I sit).

Certificate of merit in the “CALL FOR IDEAS” competition organized by ECHOGREEN 2014 with the project “I’M paraLUME”: a lamppost designed with  recycled and/or recyclable materials with a dual function.

Currently, he is the studio owner of “G.Raffaele Italian Design Group” , the studio that combines the different branches of Design: Industrial, Interiors, Garden, and Fashion.

He employs a team of professionals, preferring the green aspect and new technologies.

To date, he has worked with several companies in the area as a freelancer.

Irene Lasrozas Designer

Spanish 100%, born in Córdoba in 1993, and I grew up between Paris and Madrid.

Since I was a child, I had a great relationship with art and history -but art is not just painting or sculpture.

In fact, after some attempts at studies in other sectors, I realized that my passion is that of Interior Design, that is “the art of creating a space”.

That is how I finally came to Perugia to start a new path at the Istituto Italiano Design, finishing my studies in 2017.

Three months after my graduation, I started working for a well-known local company: for me, it is not just a job, but the confirmation of having chosen the right path.

A job should never become an obligation, a job should be the pleasure of waking up every day in order to do that job, and I believe that there is no job more beautiful than that of the Designer.

Arianna Egidi Interior Design

A great interest in architecture and interiors had already developed in high school with a diploma from the artistic high school and subsequently had deepened at the Istituto Italiano Design.

I graduated in 2017 as an Interior Designer at IID in Perugia with a mark of 110 cum  laude.

I developed the Ecoproduction Smart Work Lean Way project in collaboration with GESENU and focused on the redevelopment of the site’s facade.

It was a bold and challenging project, with the maximum expression of architecture and the creation of a green didactic area, which gave the possibility of high-profile engagement and expression.

The IID has developed in me, even more, the love for retail, commercial and hospitality projects that I decided to investigate through a company internship and then through a Master’s degree in luxury hotels at the Politecnico of Milan.

The interest and professionalism acquired for the HORECA design allowed me the opportunity to work on the staff of a leading company for the design and construction of high-level retailers with international chains.

In every field of design, whether the architectural or interior design of any space, a phrase by Le Corbusier contains my profession: “Architecture is a fact of art, a phenomenon that arouses emotion, beyond the problems of construction, beyond them. Construction is to take up: Architecture is to move.”