Communication Design Course

Communication is also social photography, video packaging, and illustration - "Anyone can design a logo. But not everyone can design the right logo."

Corso Communication Design Perugia

Communication design

The course in Communication Design is 360 ° of communication, training professionals who will be able to think creatively and communicate effectively through competent management of signs and their meanings, techniques of composition of the main marketing strategies used for the production and circulation of the message and a thorough understanding of media technologies.

Course duration: 3 years Hours: 350 each academic year

The course is valid within the European Union.

The course of Communication Design is a branch of design covering the aspects in which the contents are an integral part of their visual communicability. Communication design research, analysis and planning allows businesses, institutions and individuals to engage with the target audience to which they want to offer products and services. It is a fascinating field, constantly changing.


Obiettivo principale del corso in Design della Comunicazione è formare un professionista in grado di sviluppare e realizzare progetti di comunicazione in modo autonomo, sia per quanto riguarda la gestione di strumenti informatici, sia in relazione alle competenze metodologiche per la rappresentazione del progetto.
In particolare, lo studente acquisisce quelle competenze strumentali, tecniche e tecnologiche indispensabili per un progetto di comunicazione:

  • Techniques of visual representation, graphic, photographic, typographic, photographic and video editing with its treatment of images and visual and audiovisual language techniques;
  • Knowledge of the mechanisms of perception and color systems;
  • Social marketing;
  • Marketing skills relevant for the definition of a strategic plan that starts from the brief;
  • Skills in the visual field related to paper and publishing communication, with specific reference to strategies for different media (posters, brochures, corporate identity, logos, magazines etc.) and knowledge of the different fields of application;
  • Learning flat and composite illustration techniques;
  • Extensive knowledge in programming, as well as associated skills to create effective web architectures, functional and compliant with current standards. The professional thus trained will be able to create web solutions also accessible by modern means (mobile devices, smartphones and tablets), and above all constantly updated with respect to the continuing development of related technologies.
Main operating areas
Editorial graphics
Coordinated Corporate Image
Packaging and product communication
Audiovisual Design and interactive products
Television Publishing, audiovisual and multimedia
Web design
Designing social networking and collaborative platforms
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