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Career Service


The Istituto Italiano Design is engaged continuously in encouraging interaction with companies to provide visibility to students and creating learning opportunities
through classroom and live projects.

IID annually organizes meeting points between potential employers and students in such a way as to allow companies to identify suitable candidates for hiring in their company.

These events create great trust and awareness between the Companies and the Institute.

Furthermore, the quality of education received by IID graduates contributes to their success in many areas, as well as creating significant value for our country.

The works and ideas of IID graduates have been duly recognized both nationally and internationally.

The post diploma

Every year IID surveys to monitor its trainees on the labor market and collect data on their employment situation.

Most of the students who graduate from the Istituto Italiano Design find an excellent job in the first six months.

Others prefer to continue studying in other academies by attending a Master's degree and specializing in their preferred area.

IID provides high levels of support to graduates who cannot find a job within the first year, guiding them even after graduation.

Career Service

Post-graduation employment statistics:

Within 6 months


Within 12 months


Within 18 months