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Istituto Italiano Design Perugia


A workshop curated by Francesca Pignataro.

The workshop will be held on Monday, May 14, from 8:30 to 17:30 at the facilities of the Istituto Italiano Design in Perugia, and will be open for free to the students of all three years in the communication course.

The workshop will have a strong imprint on the problematics and challenges of graphic design and publishing of a magazine.

Who is Francesca Pignataro?

Francesca Pignataro is a Designer based in Milan.
Initially an advertising Art Director, to later dedicate herself to the Design and Editorial Art Direction of magazines, books and music.

Since 2011 she’s been the Art Director of “Il Mucchio Selvaggio”, an Italian historical monthly on music and independent culture.

Since 2016 she’s been the Art Director of Rvm, photography magazine and other narratives.

Thanks to “TheRedo Issue”, the first magazine for which she was an art director, she won a silver medal and two gold medals (including one for the best issue) at the 53rd Annual Design Award of the SPD (the Society of Publication Designers), one of the most prestigious awards dedicated to design magazines and magazines.