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“Recognizing the need is the primary condition of Design.”

Charles Eames

It is precisely this need that inspired the idea of our

Create a “Democratic Design” that can allow everyone
to have beautiful objects in the home.

The vision of the Istituto Italiano Design (IID) is clear: to give young people the chance to design “From the Spoon to the City”, (“Dal Cucchiaio Alla Città”) as stated in the famous title of the book by Lidia Arduino.

A good design is not only beautiful but also useful and functional.

Everything we use, touch and wear (now also what we eat!) comes from a careful reflection focused on aesthetics and good taste.

Until a few years ago this concept was not fully understood; in fact, many were not aware of the nuances and importance of this discipline.


There are three key ingredients to embark on a career as a designer:

PASSION: If this is missing, then there is nothing thought and nothing created. Passion is what shakes up our life to reach extraordinary goals.

CURIOSITY: This allows you to develop a careful and critical look at everything around you. Curiosity leads you to deepen what you are passionate about in a way that makes you forget about the time and space in which you work because you never get tired!

THE COURAGE OF ``WRONG``: this is what we always try to convey to our students to eradicate the erroneous culture that states that those who make mistakes are failures. It's not true!

Without mistakes, certainties are not strengthened, and there is no growth because the effort to overcome one’s abilities and not be satisfied is the most difficult choice, but it is also the most gratifying.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”

Albert Einstein

This is precisely the purpose of the Istituto Italiano Design:

Allowing young people to express their creativity through the transmission of knowledge and logic that are the basis of good design.

“Put on Wings” (“mettere le ali”) on all future Designers so that they can use and express the knowledge learned in the best way to build a future full of satisfaction and beautiful things to see!

Our institute.